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UAL Learning & teaching day 2012

The Culture of Women in Music

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Pecha Kucha Presentation 18th January 2012
The Culture of Women in Music

DIAL project: defining digital identity & practice

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Open discussion 18/01/12 around issues being addressed by the DIAL project.

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CLTAD Culture and Cultural Capital day / Pecha Kucha / Michele Durante

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Web 2.0 - An Introduction / Culture and Cultural Capital day 18.01.2012 / Pecha Kucha / Michele Durante

Cognitive capitalism

I recently attended an ICA Discussion 'The Trouble With Art School' The event itself for me failed to live up to expectations and the organisers saved no time for debate, there was a l

Elements of Bourdieu: Distinctions Create Boundaries

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I thought this video was a great introduction to the concept of cultural capital, i'm interested in how we gather and share knowledge and its relationship to Open Educational practice and the c

How to upload content for learning and teaching day 2012

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The sixth UAL Learning and Teaching Day on Culture and Cultural Capital will explore concepts of culture and cultural capital in our educational and professional practice.

The Complementary Roles of Course and Support in Student Development

This is a brief description of the workshop devised by Andrew Chesher (Senior Lecturer, BA Fine Art) and Philip Courtenay (Academic Advisor) at Chelsea College of Art and Design, which was delivere