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45 - Cut paper sphere

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Using a pattern printed onto cartridge paper, sections are carefully cut using a scalpel.

bread (final)

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24 - Egg box sphere

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Egg boxes have long been made form re-cycled material and here they are re-cycled again, using two of the many colours available.

49 - Paper cube

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A cube that can be made by hand from a square of paper.

38 - Ordnance survey globe

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Simple paste, water and paper, or papier-mache. In this case an old second hand ordnance survey map of Southend on Sea, bought for 99p.

Printing and Finishing

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London College of Communication (LCC) Print Technicians, Scott House and Tony Yard, lead a session introducing students to the printing and finishing facilities at the College.

Poster for studio/workshop display; Cubes & Spheres 26 Cubes, 27 Spheres

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Paul Lindley (CCW) 26 Spheres, 27 Cubes - Widening scope of and access to technical information. In collaboration with Process Arts this practical research exercise investigates the wide

Spaghetti, paper and coat hanger towers

Watch this video!

3D Studio Crit following a short group collaboration construction project, students were asked to work in groups and build a tower to specification using materials such as spaghetti, paper and coat

Paper Conservation

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short video describing process of conserving a manuscript. video not from Camberwell Conservation course unfortunately

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