This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

The Learning Studio

Learning Studio Event at LCF

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Learning Studio Event at LCF - Tuesday 7th February 16:30-18:30 Room 105 John Princes St

Cup cake video

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Making Cup cakes as an example of how easy it can be to document using Flip cameras and iMovie.

Details FCP server for OER art & design video resources

This setup could have the potential to be used in many ways and we may need to all come together in order to make this happen/funding.

Documenting practice FLIP

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In this video: (view QT link below for viewing on Apple devices) An informal discussion around issues of best practice techniques of documenting practice with low tec equipment such as quick video

Learning Studio Workshop on Digital and Social Media

The Learning Studio is a community of practice (CoP) around learning technology use in Art, Design and Media within UAL.

Learning studio ALTO & DIAL

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In this video Chris Follows introduces an overview of JISC funded projects at UAL including  ALTO and the new DIAL project (all links below)  Chris joins the Learning Studio group 15/11/1

Feedback from the first CCW learning studio event

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We held the first learning studio at a CCW on Friday and received a great response from all the 20+ staff, students and sector attendees who took part.

Learning Studio Workshop in using Digital & Social Media for Teaching and Learning, June 7th

What: Learning Studio Workshop in using Digital and Social Media for Teaching and Learning

Where: Room M401, on the 4th floor of  the Media Block, London College of Communication

Learning studio workshop on digital tools and social media

As you may be aware, increasing staff confidence in the use of digital technologies is a key priority for the College next year.

4D Learning Studio supporting digital literacy

Last month, Central Saint Martins held its fourth successful Learning Studio to support digital literacy.