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Chris Follows presentations

ALT-C 2012 Mainstreaming grass roots innovation in open educational practice: benefits and challenges

Title: Mainstreaming grass roots innovation in open educational practice: benefits and challenges (ID 171)

Authors: Chris Follows

SCORE presentation video recording 31-05-12

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SCORE presentation recording 31 May 2012, in this video I talk about my SCORE fellowship project I've been working on over the past year, text notes and info-graphics used in the presentation a

Open participatory education process.arts workshop

In this workshop Chris Follows will lead a hands on demonstration/discussion of UALs (University of the arts London) perspectives of developing open participatory education and social media content

Learning studio ALTO & DIAL

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In this video Chris Follows introduces an overview of JISC funded projects at UAL including  ALTO and the new DIAL project (all links below)  Chris joins the Learning Studio group 15/11/1

Developing Digital Literacies in your institution

Facilitators: Carole Baume, JISC Critical Friend, to four projects within the Developing Digital Literacies Programme and staff from the four projects (see below)

EGOER and open practice identities Abstract and Full Paper

OER13 Abstract: In this presentation Chris Follows with discuss the benefits and challenges of developing an open practice identity (OPI).

Case study Pt1: OEP & process.arts at UAL

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Part 1 of a 60 minute presentation by Chris Follows (see part 2) who leads a presentation followed by discussion o

HEA conference 2012 OER social media content communities within the arts, design & media

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Two SCORE fellows discuss OER use of social

HEA Commissioned work by SCORE Fellows

The below papers were presented at the open university in collaboration with the HEA and SCORE 11 July 2012.

PART 1 - Process Arts recording of live online presentation - What is Process Arts

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PART 1 of a 30 minute archive recording of live online presentation and discussion during the Learn at Lunch online seminar hosted by CLTAD at University of the arts London and delivered by C