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Chris Follows presentations

DIAL project: defining digital identity & practice

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Open discussion 18/01/12 around issues being addressed by the DIAL project.

Exploring reuse of open educational resource in art & design practice based learning & teaching.

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This (updated paper, post conference) aims to encourage feedback and debate around issues of how we best identify and evaluate the most effectiv

Tools for shared OER (Open educational resource) video editing

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At the Broadcast Video Expo at Earl’s Court few months ago, Trams gave a Final Cut server demo, I had been thinking about ways of making best practical u

Feedback notes from Enterprise week ‘Sharing knowledge improve and develop professional identities’

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Had a really enjoyable and fruitful discussion with students, alumni and industry members at this event, about 35 people in total, the talk was part of Enterprise week at UAL, there was lots of int

Improving Your Prospects through Online Profiles

Enterprise Week 12-16 November 2012 - Improving Your Prospects through Online Profiles

Post debate we have now set up

Open educational social media content groups and networks within the arts, design & media education

This case study presentation explores the creative and educational potential, challenge

Case study: OEP & process.arts at UAL

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In this video Chris Follows from leads a 60 minute presentation and group discussion on UALs (University of the arts London) perspectives of developing open participatory education and so

Designs on elearning conference: OER reuse stories

Title: OER reuse stories: exploring reuse of open educational

Introduction to ALTO and process.arts at #ocwcglobal

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In this video John Casey and Chris Follows from the University of the arts London discuss the Arts Learn

Case study Pt2: OEP & process.arts at UAL

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Part 2 of a 60 minute presentation (see part 1) by Chris Follows who leads a presentation followed by discussion o