This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Things unlimited

How to Set up and Create a Google Drive Account


Prototype thing: template

The elements of the prototype thing are based on evidence from the conversation with library staff on process.arts, and earlier research carried out in the department (to be added) which revealed t

Summary of Process Arts Forum

DIAL project: Digital Information Literacy Group

Analysis of discuss with Library Staff

Things Unlimited at the Library Services Conference 2012

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University Projects DIAL and Process Arts Jess Crilly talks about the Things Unlimited Inf

Survey results

We presented on the DIAL project at our Library Services staff conference on 21st September, and asked Library Staff for their support in filling in a brief survey.

Things unlimited project overview

UAL’s Digital Integration into Arts Learning (DIAL) project aims to carry out a small number of staff and student led projects and case studies, which will explore the pace of technological c

Feedback from the LILAC Conference

It was a great conference – and a really good poster session – and it was good to bump into some UAL people there...the feedback was that creating and sharing resources for library staf

DIAL things update for SMT

From the outset of the DIAL project it seemed a good opportunity for Library Services to engage with other University staff in discussions around digital literacy, and to look at means of developin

23 things for UAL

This project focuses on digital information literacy, addressing this initially through a process of discussion and confidence building with Library Services staff.

Colour Things Unlimited 'LILAC'

Things Unlimited (a DIAL project) has a poster session at the LILAC con