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Drupal UAL

Error Notice on drupal 7: Undefined index: module in _field_info_prepare_instance_widget()

I have this warning that keeps showing up on my drupal 7 install - Notice: Undefined index: module in _field_info_p

Drupal 7 problem uploading images into a post

Watch this video!

I'm trying to set up in Drupal 7 an easy way of uploading images direct into a post using CK editor but the path to connect to images is missing and the path to save images to the server is inc

Audio recording of Drupal UAL PechaKucha 16-09-13 at CSM

Watch this video!

Audio recording of the DIAL/UAL CoP project and Drupal UAL team PechaKucha session at Central Saint Martins, showcasing the Free Open Source Web Development community of practice: See&nbs

Drupal 7 - Create Slideshow inside nodes/articles

I want to give this a go - but I need to work out how to install

What is a Drupal?

To help explain what Drupal is, it may be helpful to understand what Drupal isn’t or what makes it different from other web software.

Drupal UAL project update

The project aims to encourage and develop a new open support network for UAL staff and students to explore, experiment and share ideas and knowledge of using and developing Drupal ‘open sourc

list of Drupal distributions for Higher Education

to recap on the possible configuration for a drupal distro to come for UAL

this is the Open Academy distribution

Drupal UAL team and developers

Please see below team members and developers: 

Drupal UAL open source web development drop-in session

A 2 hour drop-in sessions where Students and staff can drop-in and talk with UAL Drupal web developers.

Drupal UAL drop-in sessions

As part of the DIAL project  and UAL Communities o

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