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Interview With Jeremy Till, Professor of Architecture, Head of Central Saint Martins and Pro Vice-Chancellor of UAL

If you don't have an online presence then you don't exist.


The Creative Graduates Creative Futures report provides a comprehensive exploration of the experiences, activities and contribution of creative graduates and their plans for the future.

BOLD RESOURCEFULNESS - Redefining employability and entrepreneurial learning (2007-2008)

An investigation into the provision of professional development and entrepreneurial learning in UAL’s curriculum.


DIAL Badges development

This is the first section of the development looks into a few of the aspects that came up in our first meeting.

Can attendance at Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) be improved by timetabling them in accordance with staff and student instruction?

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Taking the idea of Action Research I first looked back at what had been the main aim and interest of previous research in my learning and teaching projects to see what I might expand on and what mi

Feedback from the LILAC Conference

It was a great conference – and a really good poster session – and it was good to bump into some UAL people there...the feedback was that creating and sharing resources for library staf

Why Openness in Education Matters:

This is the online repository for my Open Education Practice Development (AE3) report.

PHOTOGRAPHY FUTURES - A UAL Community of Practice


Challenges in creating a voice over video

Overview Laura North, the DIAL leading person for the Presentation Skills Project and myself have

AE3 OEP Project Report "Design Archive"


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