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07 - Ceramic sphere

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Clay slip is poured into the plaster mould (See slide 2) until it is filled to the brim and left for several minutes.

40 - Plaster ring cube

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Plaster casting can often suggest a solid, bulky, physical kind of sculpture, where the cast is a facsimile of an original, often modelled in clay.

09 - Glass sphere

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All glass may be formed in a kiln to some extent, where as glass that is fused to each other, as in the coloured strips shown in this sphere, is best achieved with some guarantee of manufacturer co

42 - latex sphere

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Cast using the same plaster mould see slide as object41, see slide,and object etc the technique is to fill the mould entirely, allow the outer “skin; to thi

Paul McCarthy: "Captain Ballsack" | "Exclusive" | Art21

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Episode #143: Filmed in his Los Angeles studio, artist Paul McCarthy and production manager Amy Baumann describe the nearly decade-long, organic process behind the sculpture "Captain Ballsack" (2

13 - Candle wax cube

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There are many types of wax with many different uses, but candle wax is inexpensive, easily obtained and melts at a relatively low temperature.

18 - Plaster cake

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The ability of plaster to transform from a liquid state into a permanent solid makes it a very useful casting medium, while the in-between curing period can allow for more direct working as the mix

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