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Web development

Slides from Online Collaborative Practice & WebMaking MA Discussion

Slides from an enjoyable afternoon talking 'Online Collaborative Practice & WebMaking' @ChelseaUAL including a carful blend of Yosser Hughes & Visitors and Residents

CSS notes

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If your starting out in web-design or CSS styling then here are some useful websites I came across and use as reference to practice or work something out:

CLTAD Culture and Cultural Capital day / Pecha Kucha / Michele Durante

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Web 2.0 - An Introduction / Culture and Cultural Capital day 18.01.2012 / Pecha Kucha / Michele Durante

Error Notice on drupal 7: Undefined index: module in _field_info_prepare_instance_widget()

I have this warning that keeps showing up on my drupal 7 install - Notice: Undefined index: module in _field_info_p

The Google Garage - Digital Skills Free courses

Free tutorials from Google on everything from your website to online marketing and beyond. Choose the topics you want to learn Boost your digital knowledge.

The Objective Design Process with Mark Wells

Today we were treated to the first session of Mark Wells ‘The Objective Design Process’ training for the The Pro

Developing your online professional identities

How to Set up and Create a Google Drive Account


Audio recording of Drupal UAL PechaKucha 16-09-13 at CSM

Watch this video!

Audio recording of the DIAL/UAL CoP project and Drupal UAL team PechaKucha session at Central Saint Martins, showcasing the Free Open Source Web Development community of practice: See&nbs

Drupal 7 - Create Slideshow inside nodes/articles

I want to give this a go - but I need to work out how to install