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Laser cutting

Laser cut Sphere

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The images depict the process of designing and producing numbered, flat packable, self supporting, acrylic spheres.

36 - Laser cut acrylic sphere

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The ability of the laser cutting process to cut lines of very narrow width, enables components to be fitted with very close tolerances, while producing delicate parts that might not withstand the s

Using iPads in Technical Workshops

UAL’s Digital Integration into Arts Learning (DIAL) project aims to carry out a small number of staff and student led projects and case studies, which will explore the pace of technologi

Useful contacts & links for making stuff (workshop)

Hand Tools, Tools , Machinery For wood , metals and plast

14 - P.V.C. sphere

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P.V.C. sheet, here 0.6mm thick, can be readily vacuum formed into hemispheres.

Laser cutting and engraving samples at Chelsea college of Arts

This is a series of images from sample work done in the laser lab at Chelsea college of Arts. Read about the benefits of using an iPad in the Laser Cutting studio

Rationale for Ipad in Laser cutting

Here are the rationale regarding why the laser cutting resource at Chelsea college of Arts and Design , need an Ipad permanently as a teaching and learning tool which will increase students

Laser cutting perspex samples at Chelsea college of Arts

A laser cut perspex silhouette of gestural postures done at Chelsea college of Arts.

Laser engraved veneer

Watch this video!

A sample of work from last year MA fine Art student.

The Digital Textiles iPad - Introduction & Research Plan


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