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How to compress and convert video for process.arts

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I always use MPEG Streamclip for this job it’s a free to download and use on your Mac and Windows (from

How do I upload content onto process.arts

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Image 1 -  Click 'Login' located in the top right hand corner

Trouble logging into UAL accounts?

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Students and staff at UAL can login to process.arts using their UAL account user name and password, the same details as you use for blackboard and webmail  account .

Creative Commons license abbreviation keys

Creative Commons license abbreviation keys

For Open Educational resource content use a Creative Commons licence See Abbreviation Keys below:

About project Groups on process.arts

Project groups on process.arts provide individuals, project teams, courses, conference groups or communities of interest a place to cluster groups of user generated content together, group forums c

How to create a 3rd Party video post

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How to create a personal profile page

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In this video, how do I:

Login to process.arts

Where to find help on creative commons Licences

How do I upload video on process.arts

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Click 'Login' located in the top right hand corner, either:

Choosing a creative commons licence on process.arts

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Question: I'm a little confused about this Licencing. I don't know what to select to classify the work?

Answer: Please see videos and links below:

How to create and image and text post

We've added a new content type, be really good to get your feedback on this new tool, its not perfect but 100% better then the previous version.

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