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English Plus - Film Making

Basics of i Stop Motion

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Fig.1 - Set up your camera onto a tripod with the camera looking down onto your object as in the image below and place what you want to animate onto the screen.

Final Cut Pro Getting Started

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P r e p a r in g t o E d it

English Plus - Film Making DAY 1

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Tiutor - Chris Follows

Students will take part in video and animation workshops to create their own experimential video and animations.

English plus Film Day 2 Week 1

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English plus Film Day 2 Week 1 - In small groups of four/five create an animation using sculpting clay, capture the movement and development of your idea by sculpting the clay in different ways to

English Plus Film short course

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Selection of Images of the English Plus Film short course July 2010, video of the work completed on the short course with descriptions of how each piece was made can be

Contextual references English Plus Film

In week 1 & 2 we we be exploring video and animation techniques in a fine art context.

Final Cut Pro - Getting Started

See video

If you're importing video plug in your fire wire cable into the camera and computer using the 4 pin (small into camera) and 6 pin (big into computer) USB fire wire cable.

Stop motion Animation in progress, English Plus Film short course

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Stop motion Animation in progress - experimental short films made during a Short course called English Plus Film held at The University of the arts London, Wimbledon College of Art July 2010

Sound and Story

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If we start with an example from “Watch Me Move”: Zbigniew Rybczynski's Film TANGO (1980)-  [artist Richard Wilson used it as an example of a film that has influenced his work..]

VDB - Video Data Bank

thumb image - Founded in 1976 at the inception of the media arts movement, the Video Data Bank (VDB) is a leading resource in the United States for video b

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