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thumb image, an open online community for sharing art, design and media practice based learning, teaching and research, the site is op

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Project groups on process.arts provide individuals, project teams, courses, conference groups or communities of interest a place to cluster groups of user generated content together, group forums c

NEW process.arts - upgrade under development

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Here's a quick peek at the direction the new layout (rough designs) of process.arts is taking, the ALTO project is funding a timely and much needed upgrade of process.arts which is currently underw

WCA Foundation Video & Animation FMP

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This is the first time I've introduced a group blog to support teaching, learning and assessment at Wimbledon College of Foundation

ALTO an introduction

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The ALTO project (Arts Learning and Teaching Online) at the University of the Arts London received funding in

Analytics & Visitors Overview - Dec to Jan 2012

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Monthly updates on Visitors to process.arts, (please see 1 month site analytics report attached) This is over the Christmas perid but still looked busy on process.arts

DIAL project: defining digital identity & practice

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Open discussion 18/01/12 around issues being addressed by the DIAL project.

OER (Open Educational resources) Reuse

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JISC OER Impact project - See My Notes The first UK study of OER reuse can be viewed in the findings of the JISC OER Impact project which

The ALTO Ecosystem

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We have been

UAL Research Online

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UAL Research Online is the online showcase of the research produced at University of the Arts London.