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Discovering That Glazing Is Amazing - action research PG Cert

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PG Cert Learning and Teaching 2010

Manda Helal, Ceramic & General Technician

Striking a balance between practice and open practice ?

Striking a balance between practice and open practice, what does it mean to operate in a digital environment? Chris Follows, University of the arts London 2011

Action Research @ The Language Centre

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Action Research at the Langua

How can tacit and explicit knowledge be communicated and experience online?

Reading review I am interested in exploring how students and staff perceive and engage with open learning in the arts and ho

Reflecting on Learning and Teaching in the Performing Arts (RLTPA)

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Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance Welcomes you to its Open Educational Resource: Reflecting on Learning and Teach

Teaching Development Project: Leila Miller - BA Fashion Photography at LCF

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Leila Miller, Fashion Photography tutor at London College of fashion, talks about her recent Teaching Development Project.

Exploring best practice in the collaborative use of OER rich media resources in art & design practice based-learning & teaching

My role as ‘Arts Learning and Teaching Online’ (ALTO) college coordinator at the University of the Arts London provides a rare opportunity to observe and contrast how OER learning content is create

Will the introduction of a framework for drafting a pattern from an existing garment, help to improve student understanding of constructing an original garment from a drawing?

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Overall the students all seemed to gain something from the intervention, whether increased confidence or actual abilities, it seemed to help with their understanding of how to construct a garment f

Will structured sessions focused on critical reflection improve students' reflective practice?

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This is a summary of my Teaching Development Project.