This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017


Introduction, Innovative approaches in open educational practice at UAL

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A brief overview of current Innovative approaches in open educational practice at UAL by Chris Follows, university of the arts London (ALTO and SCORE).

Elements of Bourdieu: Distinctions Create Boundaries

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I thought this video was a great introduction to the concept of cultural capital, i'm interested in how we gather and share knowledge and its relationship to Open Educational practice and the c

Did Hans Namuth Kill Jackson Pollock?

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In 2006 held a Symposia : Did Hans Namuth Kill Jackson Pollock?

Examples of staff content

Below are a few examples of staff who have used and uploaded content on to process.arts, most have contributed as part of their everyday practice others have received funding to develop some learni

Exploring OER rich media reuse through social media content communities (HEA Annual Conference 2012)

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Process.arts overview and context (1st draft)

process.arts is an open online resource sharing day-to-day arts practice and research

process.arts has maintained a sustainable and

Examples of when process.arts has worked particularly well for students (1st draft)

We're looking to gather some process.arts case studies and stories of how process.arts is being used, please add your comments below.



Developing Professional Online Identities project at CSM Centre for Performance

Presentation information for The Centre for Performance programme team and 90 + students meeting at CSM on 7 Jan Monday morning from 10;30am to introduce the following project (

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