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TextTate Exchange 2018 - Open Call to Collaborate in Digital Maker Collective Events cfollows07 weeks 4 days ago
TextTate Exchange Unconference: Digital Making in Arts Curriculum, Practice and Careers cfollows016 weeks 1 day ago
Image and textProcess Arts workshop 30/09/09 10am -12pm cfollows026 weeks 5 days ago
3rd party VideoVideo of Digital Maker Tate Exchange Event 22nd Feb 2017 cfollows031 weeks 5 days ago
TextDigital Makerspaces of London cfollows031 weeks 6 days ago
TextVR ready PC Specs cfollows033 weeks 1 day ago
TextHTML for Beginners — Ultimate Guide cfollows034 weeks 6 days ago
TextPrisma is live visual software for live performance cfollows036 weeks 17 hours ago
TextProviding Haptics to Walls & Heavy Objects in Virtual Reality by Means of Electrical Muscle cfollows037 weeks 1 day ago
TextHOW TO RECORD STEAM VR GAME PLAY - OBS SETTINGS - VR BUMP cfollows137 weeks 1 day ago
TextHyperNormalisation 2016 Adam Curtis cfollows037 weeks 5 days ago
TextArt Pose - Posing Tool for Artists cfollows038 weeks 1 day ago
TextUAL, CLTAD, DIAL and PA Logo cfollows038 weeks 5 days ago
TextVR World notes cfollows041 weeks 16 hours ago
TextDigital Making in the Curriculum cfollows041 weeks 5 days ago
Text3D Scan with Einscan S cfollows541 weeks 5 days ago
TextVRTK - Virtual Reality Toolkit cfollows041 weeks 6 days ago
TextOnline Identity resources UAL cfollows042 weeks 1 day ago
TextSlides from Online Collaborative Practice & WebMaking MA Discussion cfollows042 weeks 3 days ago
TextVirtually Real Open Education OER17 Presentation Slides cfollows043 weeks 1 day ago is a simple way to find and share indie games online for free. cfollows043 weeks 5 days ago
TextDocumenting visual thinking in virtual reality - Workshop cfollows043 weeks 5 days ago
TextIdentity and logos for Digital Maker Collective cfollows044 weeks 21 hours ago
TextA Moment in Time cfollows044 weeks 3 days ago
Text360 Video from Tate Exchange Event 22nd March cfollows047 weeks 4 days ago

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