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Issuu is a free service that makes your publications look fantastic online

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Long term sustainability is an important consideration in todays world.

Lulu offers self-publishing print-on-demand and its risk-free

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A print and time-based media adventure begins here . . .

P+TBM brings together examples of Wimbledon Print and Time Based Media students' working in fine art printing printing, book art, photography, experimental film, video making and performance.

Film and Video makers - whatever happened to English underground film?

If you want to show your film work and interact with the public in a cool space then give EXPLODING CINEMA a call. . .

Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro website offers trouble shooting, managing and experimenting tutorials

This site features: editing, effects, audio, DVD Compressor, HD, HDV, 24P, motion, colour, article archive, tutorial reviews, software plugin reviews, hardware reviews, and discussions.

Video Copilot tutorials for VFX & Motion Graphics

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Amazing effects, filming techniques and more is available from:

On-line video resources for learning provided by

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tutorial - how to make an image contact sheet in Adobe Bridge

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This video tutorial demonstrates how to make and print a quick and easy contact sheet for your images using Adobe Bridge.

ubu offers a platform to explore interesting film and video content.

Ubu is brilliant - providing umlimited material of featured resources, contemporary projects, artists interviews, a hugh film and video archive, video artist, experimental film makers, sound art, h

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