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Joe Easeman

Feedback from DigiTell 2014; Exploring Online Presence in Creative Practice

As part of DigiTell 2014; Exploring Online Presence in Creative Practice, attendee's to the symposium wer

DigiTell 2014; Exploring Online Presence in Creative Practice Publication

As part of the DigiTell 2014; Exploring Online Presence in Creative Practice, DIAL, part of CLTAD at UAL, has put together this publication, displaying the research and project that have lead up to

Interview with Isabella Malheiros, LCF Fashion Photography

These interviews were conducted as part of a focus group at LCF, Lime Grove with students and staff, part of

Getting Started with Google Glass

'Getting Started with Google Glass' resource part of the DIAL project

Key Finding from the 'Changing the Learning Landscape' - Online Identities Project

Key finding from the Changing the Learning Landscape – Online Identities project

CLL Online Identities Results Graphics

The following shows the graphic visualizations of our findings from the CLL online identities project, designed by Safiyya Lee.

Decoded Training day

I had a number of reservations about a training day in coding. First and foremost being that I have never done any coding before and had no idea how it even worked, let alone how to use it.

Trying Google Glass

On Thursday morning (17th July) Myself, Chris Follow (DIAL project Manager) and Grzesiek Sedek headed to the google glass basecamp in King Cross to try out the new google glass.

20:20 project funding evaluation

For the 'Changing the Learning Landscape' online identities project successful applied for additional funding from arts temps

Google Glass and Wearable tech at UAL

As part of the wearable technology project and collaboration with DIAL my role is as project coordinator, you can see my previous proj

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