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Arts Learning and Teaching Online ALTO Welcome to the Arts Learning and Teaching Online (ALTO) project

The core of the project is concerned with the creation and sharing of Open Education Resources (OERs). For those who have not heard this term before here is a useful working definition:

“digitised materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching learning and research”.

This means that the term OER covers a very wide range of resources – from a word document through to a rich multimedia web site.

Two key outcomes of ALTO will be:

The creation of a teaching and learning repository for UAL, this will be a place where teaching and learning support staff can deposit and share their learning materials and find resources developed by others. An initial set of learning resources deposited that will be openly accessible to the wider community.

A key aim of ALTO will be to enable opportunity for sharing of resources between staff in the UAL and with the wider community. To support this we will create both the repository and a simple set of processes for depositing resources.

ALTO has been funded from the second phase of the UK OER programme and will last for one year, ending in Autumn 2011.


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