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M. Angela Jansen obtained her PhD in 2010 from Leiden University with her dissertation on the Moroccan fashion industry, of which the monograph will appear in 2014 under the title Moroccan Fashion: Design, Tradition and Modernity (London: Bloomsbury). She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the London College of Fashion where she works on notions of ‘tradition’ and ‘modernity’ in the construction of national fashion identities. Her research interests are anthropology of dress, (non)Western fashion, (non)Eurocentric fashion theory, cultural impacts of globalization and notions of tradition, modernity, local and global. In 2012 she initiated an international interdisciplinary research project and network focussing on (non)Western fashion identities and as such she organizes the annual (Non)Western Fashion Conference. In addition to publishing and lecturing on the Moroccan fashion industry, she is involved in fashion events and museum exhibitions. Currently she is working on a Moroccan fashion collection, exhibition and publication for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

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London College of Fashion
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UAL Staff
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Maria Angela
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Skills & Research Interests
Anthropology of dress
(Non-Western) fashion systems
(Non-Eurocentric) fashion theory
Cultural impacts of globalization
Constructs of national fashion identities
Notions of tradition, modernity, local and global


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