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Having dabbled with graphic design, Kaye Pryce joined the University of the Arts London in 2001. A 2-year HND Digital Media Production course at London College of Communication (LCC), introduced Kaye to digital media subjects, helping her to develop a thorough understanding of traditional communications tools and methods and how they translate to new media. In 2005, the award of an MA/Pg Diploma in Interactive Media from LCC helped Kaye to challenge and test theories of interactive communication and ultimately, whet Kaye's appetite for digital technology.

Wishing to spread the digital gospel, Kaye made a move into teaching in 2002. She took up an Associate Lecturer position at the London College of Fashion - teaching digital design to BA students for 7 years. She continued to teach digital media subjects across UAL to BA and MA students from a range of disciplines until 2012.

The teaching roles underpinned the successful completion of a PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching in 2009 and Kaye became a Higher Education Academy Fellow the following year.  The course presented Kaye with an opportunity to broaden her perspective on social learning and teaching and the use of technology in education. Kaye's action research (entitled “From Here to eLearnity”) focused her efforts on online resources and online Communities of Practice (CoP).

To further bolster her interest with digital literacy and technology, Kaye is currently juggling two very exciting roles: DIAL (Digital Integration Into Arts Learning) Coordinator (Tuesdays, half day Wednesdays and Fridays) CCW Online Technical Resource Coordinator (Mondays, half day Wednesdays and Thursdays). NB Days / times of work may vary.

Away from being a digital devotee, Kaye is a keen collector of quotes, wit and prose…here's one of her many favourites:

"Over time our heads become a reservoir of concepts, information and images. Therefore, the more we put into this creative reservoir, the more we have to draw from it when it comes time to create. Our creative reservoir is one of our most important assets and it should be continually stocked, refreshed and maintained through art, music, books, experiences, interaction, observation, learning, curiosity and our own creative pursuits" - Jim Krause

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