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Morley College student, studied there for 5+ years; teacher: Prodipta/top floor; the course was called: Arts for People with Learning Disabilities; (I have Asperger's Syndrome/also, ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder). I would describe myself as someone who is very keenly interested in arts; currently, I'm a member of DWP/Dulwich Picture Gallery/and, also, the Art Fund; however, to be perfectly frank, I'm not particularly 'talented'...more of an 'amateur' artist, instead; meaning I tend to 'hate' my own work...especially, when I compare it to the true 'masters'!

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Morley College
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Did a search to find artist Geoff Routh's work.
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I like to study arts both online/offline...and, like to discover brand 'new' artists being located all over the world for each and every single day, especially, on the internet.


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