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Rossella Emanuele has been working at UAL - University of the Arts London as an Associate Lecturer for Fine Art since 2006 and has recently joined the DIAL team - Digital Integration Into Arts Learning, which is part of the JISC UK Developing digital literacies programme - as a Dial Coordinator.

Her field of interest lies between art and education and have an interest in interdisciplinarity within contemporary art.  She has a background in the Performing Arts which enabled her to engage with the critical debate of contemporary art with a broadness of knowledge that spans and crosses disciplines boundaries, from a more traditional notions of sculpture to video and sound installation and live performance. This experience is reflected in her work and interests that tends to include a broad range of media and often entails digital media technology. 

She has recently joined the Dial Team and is contributing to a number of projects that look at digital literacy and personal online identities amongst students and staff at UAL.

She has sound technical knowledge of creative software programs such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Some knowledge in web design with Dreamweaver.

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Camberwell College of Arts
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UAL Staff
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Rossella Emanuele
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Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Some knowledge in web design with Dreamweaver.


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